A Disbelief

AP English

28 March 2014

A Misunderstanding

The simple fact that The Activities of Huckleberry Finn, a fictional book, has caused this outcry by certain people is completely ridiculous... even though somewhat understandable. Those who imagine the word nigger is an unacceptable slander in every scenario are entirely narrow oriented and stubborn because they are selecting to relate " nigger” with the worst type of connotation rather than emerging from David Foster Wallace's " water” and viewing " nigger” because perhaps a perfectly acceptable expression used to describe Africa Americans from your 19th century, the time period in the book, to hundreds of years before. Others, who have although understand that " nigger” was used properly, still believe it is racist because of how that exemplifies the racist beliefs of the antebellum South. Twain is, quite contradictively, mocking the South, but in a subliminal method so as to never to provoke the already unhealthy Southerners. It is acceptable, nevertheless , for people to have their own viewpoints, that is fine. If a single does not wish to be involved with Huckleberry Finn, that individual can easily excuse themselves and not participate. You don't need to to subjugate others for the lack of American culture by editing or perhaps removal of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

" Nigger” originated from Spanish and Portuguese descent as a correctly neutral word intended to explain. Over time what negro and niger, both of which indicate black, become " nigger, ” and was used to categorize Photography equipment Americans due to their skin color, just as caucasians are categorized while whites. As time passes from when ever Africans found its way to America, the application of " nigger” increased till it was an accepted term by simply everyone, blacks included. That is ever so accurate today, exactly where African Us citizens can, because said in source Electronic, " take flight it like a dirt flag” and can " spill this into the ether like sewerage, ” then can turn around and play the competition card within the nearest person, as long as that they...



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