A Pampre In The Sun: Mom Character Analysis

Mama, also called Lena, is an extremely memorable personality. She has many attributes which will make the reader admire her throughout the play, but she is really strict.

The lady believes in Goodness a lot, and anyone in her relatives that doesn't, or perhaps opposes Goodness, is reprimanded, or screamed at anyway. She feels that virtually any dream that her relatives goes for really should not be deferred, unless of course it is remarkable, or over a standards that she would anticipate. For example , Walter actually planned to own a alcohol store. Mama thought it was ridiculous and thought he'd just get more drunk coming from it than he currently is almost every evening. She had to defer his dream because she was only taking care of his individual safety.

She actually is also very Catholic and believes and depends on God quite often. Anyone in her friends and family who opposes God, like Beneatha. Beneatha was reprimanded for her activities for not assuming in Our god, with a punch on the face. This kind of warned everyone not to are at odds of God in her home. This, and other actions, also made her head with the household.

The girl cares about people a lot, despite her strict ways. Following deferring Walter's dream, the lady still at some point gave him some of the cash anyway. The lady realized that your woman was overtaking Walter's work of head of the household, and she also realized the troubles that he was experiencing, much concerning racism. Mother realizes problems in people, your woman can impression them, this is why she is and so caring.

Just like I stated before, Mama is a very memorable character through the play, and these qualities make the audience enjoy her throughout the perform, and become familiar with her very well.



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