Adchem's Approach to Advertising Clebal in Guatemala



Following a review of the paper article, our recent law suit and occasions over the last one full year concerning the sale of Clebal™ in Guatemala you should find under my proposal, rationale intended for the proposal and suggested implementation prepare: PROPOSAL

A. Our organization should consider adding mustard oil to Clebal™ despite the fact that this might result in an initial drop in sales because of the increased cost of make However , over the years, this is a significantly lower cost compared to the potential long term revenue loss caused by poor customer confidence owing to negative press and eventual costs coming from legal statements for wrongful death – both of which may be reduced by the customization of the matters of Clebal™ with mustard oil. W. No improvements be made to the direct sales method of distribution in Guatemala. EXPLANATION

By adding mustard oil to Clebal™ will avoid infractions of consumers trust and legal liability for deaths brought on by the use of Clebal™. I estimation that, by having mustard petrol to Clebal™ there could be a drop in sales because of a reduction in the potency of Clebal™ (30% weaker), Furthermore, eventual income from the sales of Clebal™ could well be reduced and production costs increased, in sums difficult to calculate, as boot manufacturers may look for replace adhesives to Clebal™ and competitors may gain market share due to the alter. However , inspite of the aforementioned down sides, I propose that AdChem should still consider adding mustard oil to Clebal™ because jeopardizing the lives of an predicted 5, 000 children in Guatemala with a known harmful toluene structured adhesive (Clebal™) could undermine AdChem's popularity with all clients for an imprecise period not just for Clebal™ but for almost all AdChem brand products. Addititionally there is the potential cost of legal statements from for least a number of the estimated 5000 Guatemalan kids...



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