Are India's Nuclear Electrical power Plants Safe and Secure

Are India's nuclear power plants safe and secure?

The latest earthquake in Japan, which includes caused a major nuclear problems has required people around the globe to ask inquiries about the viability of nuclear electricity. Indians too are requesting whether indivisible power is actually a safe means to fix the country. CONCERNS OVER nuclear meltdown in Asia have put question marks on safety and security of `nuclear plants around the globe. Analysts possess predicted the fact that ongoing crisis in The japanese will cause soul searching about the future of nuclear electric power.

This will likely also effects India's committed nuclear electricity program. India is at this time having twenty nuclear power plants having a generating capacity of some, 780 megawatt (MW), but all the crops are located in low seismic areas, and all plants happen to be situated far away from the tectonically-active Himalayan zone.

Nuclear plants in several earthquake likely regions of the earth are classified between Region I to Zone IX. In India, all electrical power plants will be sited in Zone 2, III and IV. The Zones 2, III and IV come under lower seismic vulnerable area although Zones VII, VIII and IX are really seismic susceptible areas.

India's Narora Nuclear reactor is the just plant that may be situated in Sector IV. Almost all Japan's indivisible plants will be in Areas VII, VIII and IX, while Taiwan's are in Zones VIII and IX.

Through the earthquake that rocked Bhuj in Gujarat in 2001, all nculear reactors endured the shock absorbers and aftershocks without any difficulty. Analysts said that in India all plant life are quite safe and have been created to withstand earthquakes.

Additionally, they aver that Indian crops are comparatively safe when compared with Japan as they are located in low seismic zones.

It should also be aimed that Japan is is usually vulnerable to high intensity earthquakes and thus all elemental installations may face difficulties.



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