Brutus in Julius Caesar

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AP Vocabulary and Structure

3 The spring 2013

Julius Caesar Composition

It is often simple to view events optimistically in spite of their disbelief. Although idealism is seen as a virtue, it might be destructive the moment taken to an extreme. In Bill Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus regularly perceives the world around him as a significantly better place than it actually is. Mainly because Brutus himself lives according to a stringent code of honor, he can unable to view the deceit in others, which will ultimately leads to his downfall.

To Brutus, honor is more than just a great idealistic principle, it is a way of life. " I like the brand of reverance more than I actually fear death, ” this individual declares (I. ii. 88-890). He blindly believes which the people around him live by the same values he does. Also after this individual has misplaced everything as a result of machinations of folks he cartouche, he asserts " I came across no person but he was true to me, ” (V. v. 35). Since Brutus lacks the capacity for manipulation, he takes on everyone else can be just as honest when he is. For that reason when the conspirators falsify letters from the populace entreating him to " Speak, strike, redress, ” Brutus feels compelled for the first time to implement Caesar intended for the good of Rome (II. i. 55). He feels that his duty to his countrymen is more crucial than his love for Caesar. Prior to Caesar's loss of life, Brutus experienced the potential to have a happy live, however once he offers committed the crime, almost everything begins to fall to parts. Honor triggers Brutus to murder his friend, and this egregious take action marks the turning point in his fortunes. Nevertheless this is only one in the ways in which is own figure betrays him.

Brutus' unwavering faith in those close to him is one factor that ultimately contributes to his death. From the beginning with the play, Brutus is unsure that getting rid of Caesar is the right thing to do. Despite Caesar's overweening ambition, Brutus only sees the good in the friend and contemplates " I have unfamiliar when [Caesar's] affections swayed more than his...



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