CIS-301 Example 1

Case Research 1 pg 51

1 ) What concerns does Atmosphere Canada wish that Maintenix will solve? Theyre hoping that it solves their bad finance and inventory devices. The benefits of Maintenix that interested Air Canada were improve visibility of fleet-wide info. Timelier decision-making, support of its presently existing business style, and increased operational efficiencies. 2 . How exactly does Maintenix increase operational effectiveness and decision-making? MXI statements that their software decreases repetitive jobs and period chasing missing or imperfect information by simply allowing repair, engineering, and finance categories to easily discuss information. Fundamentally theyre bettering efficiency by simply increasing conversation and lowering wasted period. Theyre raising their chances of making great decisions by increasing the information that their particular employees may share with one another in a timely fashion. 3. Give examples of three decisions supported by the Maintenix system. What info do the Maintenix modules offer to support these decisions? Protection engineering may be the first decision which establishes the construction hierarchy, guidelines and protection program that all of the other modules be based upon. Information staying passed right here is the configuration, rules, and protection program. Other modules depend on this information. Series maintenance may be the second decision which stocks and shares the information from the list of routine service work requirements against limited resources in varying spots within a trip schedule that may be constantly starting change. The knowledge being shared here is: what maintenance needs to be done, whos available to do it, and how most of what assets are available. Materials management may be the third decision and the data being handed here is how most of each component is currently accessible and how most of each part needs to be ordered



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