Customer Care of Sony


Customer Care





The initial of the Customer service


II.Expectation of internal and external customer6

III.Establishment and repair of customer relationship8

1 . Advantages8

(1)continuous in increase in producing profits(2) much lower in the cost of sales(3)increase the stability of ecuries (4) generate the effect of sales dominospiel. 8

installment payments on your Evaluation8

While far the specific situation for Fiat is not positive a single. Because of this, Fiat Corporation should certainly precede foreseeable future development in customer romance. The revenue experience ongoing depression all those years. A growing number of staffs had been laid out. That is the last thing the fact that corporation could do to keep up current operation. 8

several. How. eight

The marketing approaches intended for Sony Corporation are proven below. The Sony Company set the client in specific organization. Volvo Photograph club offers the get for the beginner to study. The associates gather jointly to discuss the look they are accustomed to play the camera. The mail marketing is usually basic way for most companies to popularize usana products that Fiat also really does. 8 IV.The way of arranging customer care training8

1 . The education content9

This kind of corporation offers the training in customer service strategy, customer standard, customer development, require analysis, customer feedback management, after-sale service and service payment, effective buyer communication, consumer rapport management9

V.The qualitative and quantitative customer feedback10

VI.The essential factors of after care12

VII.Introduction and evaluation of customer care strategy12

VIII.Customer pleasure and loyalty14

IX.Appendix 116

X.Appendix 215

1 . What type of camera do you own? 12-15

A Telecamera Bcamera C tiny slr D slr camera camera15 installment payments on your What do you make use of for? 15

ATraveling W working C others15

a few. which era level are you in16

A. below twenty B. among 20 and 29 C. between 40 and 39 D. Previously mentioned 4016 5. Which industry are you in? 16

A. Fiance M. EDUCATION C. service16

G. others16

a few. Sex? of sixteen

A maleB female16

6. Are you pleased about associate attitude toward you at the time you met the question? 16 A much satisefied B satisefied C typical D dissatisefied16

7 Will you be satisefied together with the salesman as you put forward your query16 A far satisefied B satisefied C normal M dissatisefied16

almost 8 Is the assistance proper to you? Yes no16

9 May be the information adequate that the counselor gave you? 17 A much satisefied M satisefied C normal M dissatisefied17

twelve. Do you feel at ease about Fiat Products? Certainly no17

10 When you look at official internet site, your feeling is17

A convenien17

C. Profession17

B Fashion17

doze When you see the official web page, the down of it is17 A individualityB focused C comfortable D. sence influence17 1317

What aspect are you concerned the majority of whe you buy camera? seventeen

AVogue and tiny N various function Cstrong side operationD simpy and eay to contol17 14 what extent of knowledge do you know regarding photography17 A. professional and systematical N. comprehensive CBasic c17

15 As for the service needed, can he or she react swiftly YES NO18 16 Were the sales assistants soft, considerate and helpful? YES NO18 17 What do you are feeling about the package of SONY item? 18

A comfortableBsimpleC genereous D Vogue18

18 Is a attitude of repairing while same as shopping for? 18

nineteen What the frame of mind of the revenue assistant is18

Kind careful and patient enthusiastic and humorous delicate to provide support impatient18 21 wha is a product overall look? 18

A. Color18

M. The comfort capability of external material18

C. The comfort potential of side belt18

G. The surface smooth of the camera18

22. the battery capacity18

A much satisefied B satisefied C normal D dissatisefied18

the capacity of memory credit card A much satisefied B satisefied C typical D...



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