Developmental Theory

" According to Erikson's theory everyone must move across a series of 8-10 stages in the entire life cycle” (Erikson's Phases of Expansion, n. deb, p. 1). These 8-10 stages develop throughout your lifestyle. Each level has a job; the task with the stage you are in must be accomplished for you to effectively move to the next stage hence contributing to a healthier creation. If the task is not fully total it can affect the ability to move to the next task. " Erikson's eight levels reflect the two positive and negative aspects of the critical life periods”. (Berman, A., Snyder, T. J., Levett-Jones, T., Dwyer, T., Hales, M., Harvey, N., …Stanley, D. 2012, p. 401). This theory emphasises for the events that occur in each of our life which will lead to great or negative outcomes as a result making our ego more robust or weakened. For example I was raised and cared for in a good level and thus efficiently impacted my entire life because We experienced trust and I now have no problem trusting others. This kind of theory could be used to realise why someone is definitely the way they are or why they work a certain method by looking at what level they are in and evaluating that to their behaviour. For example I are at the teenage life stage which can be the identity versus inferiority task. If I appeared unsocial or kept to me you could understand that I could be feeling inferior.

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