Dragonfly Corp

DragonFly corporation case

Dragonfly Corporation is high end teen clothing shops based in Detroit. It was founded in 1994 by Janet and David walliams former buyers in a variety store, and mainly financed simply by Janet`s parents. Unfortunately when launched their grocer didn't live up to the expectations; the product sales were insufficient, margin too small , that they had inventory administration problem and started to fall behind in the rent payment. To offset their losses plus the inventory extra, they chosen to open the second store in an enhanced location. Undeniably their particular strategy worked well; inventory was down, revenue were up, turnover had increase, and the most payable were in time except for the Crossroad rent unpaid balance. Only when Dragonfly started to finally breakeven, the Crossroad mall, the 1st store area, with 20+ 000$ and one year deal left, was threatening legal action. The Thompson were left with a selection to make; the two to under and loose the family members money, to do additional financing or to cross their hands and desire. I reckon that the Dragonfly Corporation should never declare bankruptcy or perhaps neither passes across their little finger and wish but they will need to restructure and downsize all their company. Considering that the purchasing centre Crossroad is quickly deteriorating simply by losing a significant number of tenants and is unable to attract targeted traffic and customers, I believe you cannot find any potential and profitable upcoming for Dragonfly Corporation generally there. Therefore I think that the best option to get Dragonfly Corporation is to discuss an early quit from the lease by using the personal bankruptcy menace as being a lever against the mall. However they may need a small investment to aid settle the impasse taking into consideration the fact the fact that landlord business is also heading down the road and he might certainly not be therefore incline in losing another tenant and additional money. In addition since delinquent lease dragonfly biggest current debt, an arrangement with Crossroad might liberate them from most of their monetary...



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