Ethos: UNICEF and Feed the Children

Melissa Cannon

Ethos Project

For Business communication class i was given the assignment of selecting two websites that wherever we could analyze ethos and supply how every website become a huge hit to the market. The two sites that were selected for this group project happen to be, " UNICEF” and " Feed the Children”. All of us chose both of these websites seeing that these are non-profit websites with good ethical, good is going to and methods which give great diathesis. There were many differences in design and style and structure between the two websites which will be described in the following paragraphs.

On the internet site pertaining to UNICEF, this organization is for the assistance to aide countries around the world. That they distribute foodstuff, supplies, medicine to neighborhoods in international countries. UNICEF helps because they build schools to teach the local residents, so they can turn into self-reliant. Contributions are the major source of income in this organization. Which will it disperses funds around the globe. Many volunteers assist this organization by contributing their very own skills in areas the majority of needed. The usage of children faces grasps toward you and takes in your attention to certain reports. Smiling kids learning in school, sets of people making wells to allow them to have normal water are a few things you will observe on their webpage. The option of choosing what language you would want to read the internet site is posted on the top of the page. The insignia just for this organization uses the mixture of the distintivo of the United Nations with the inset of person and a kid in the world. The layout from the web site is not clustered, so it is easy to maneuver the internet site. The use of video also will give you an insight as to what the organization does to help and assist persons around the world. The ethos offered in the Give food to the Children corporation website builds an interest of involvement and support although not as good as additional charitable organizations. At first glance, it exhibits a photo of your child possessing a bookbag with a saying " He sleeps with...



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