Fairy Tale and Shrek

What Features of fairy tales or perhaps legends will be evident in the motion picture ‘Shrek'? The animated film ‘Shrek' can be described as modern characterization of a classic story. This displays many, if only a few qualities of both story and fairy-tale. As the opening picture begins with non-diegetic music (audible to audience only) and a magical lumination shining over a large publication with the traditional starting of any fairy tale ‘Once Upon a time'. This kind of opening picture demonstrates a single feature from the fairy-tale genre. This can become seen through the characters, in magic and a happy ending. There are many even more fairy-tale features throughout the film, but the presence of Robin Hood likewise highlights the legend element of the film. The film techniques produce this genre though the illustrators use of light and hue, and excellent use of camera shots. The features of the genre are demonstrated clearly inside the characterization found in the film.

During the start of the film, numerous well find out and familiar fairy-tale personas are present. The characters Enhance bell, The Three Little Pigs, the three bears and White are one of many creatures that appear in the film. God Farquaad (the main antagonist) had purchased that all fairy-tale creatures end up being removed from his perfect community. His pain of the Gingerbread man and ‘dumping' of the creatures helps prove the point. Lord Farquaad's soldiers are also seen taking away fairy-tale animals and supplying money to them. Tinker bell is also seen in a small cage, which strikes donkey, causing him soaring. This wonderful event highlights that ‘Shrek' can be a fairy-tale story. The inclusion of any dragon demonstrates that ‘Shrek' may also be classed being a legend. Apart from the characteristics, magic is also a primary feature inside the film.

Through the film many displays of fairy-tale magic occur. The magic mirror and transformation magic are just two magic features seen in the film. The wonder mirror, initially seen in Disney classic ‘Snow White', adds to the fairy-tale magic genre inside the film. The moment Shrek rescues Fiona from the tower, she is determined to get to Lord Farquaad before sun. As Shrek and Dope deny her request and place up camp, so that they may not know of the spell the lady suffered that could only be busted by the case loves hug. This storyline is often adopted in many fairy tales and legends, and adds data to the category of the film. This magic has a significant part in the happy closing of the film.

A to some degree happy finishing is seen by the end of the film. As Shrek stops the wedding ceremony of Fiona and God Farquaad, direct sunlight is environment and Fiona is seen as an Goule. Shrek and Fiona kiss, fall in appreciate, and live happily ever before after. The happy closing at the end in the film is an additional aspect of ‘Shrek' that reveals it could be classed as a mythic. However in a traditional fairy-tale, the handsome knight in shining armor would slay the dragon, rescue the princess, fall in love and live enjoyably ever following. However the makers of ‘Shrek' chose to reverse the functions, having the " Ugly Ogre” as the protagonist, plus the handsome royal prince as the antagonist. This theme worked, and was strongly maintained various camera angles. The " Unsightly Ever After” as cited in the movie, is yet another piece of evidence that Shrek could be classed as a fairy-tale.

A fairy-tale includes; unique heroes, magic and a happy ending of which are present in the film ‘Shrek'. A legend is composed unreal beings, which is also present in the film. It very clear that ‘Shrek' covers enough of each genre to be categorised both tale and fairy story.

Cross-Cutting:  Editing two distinct sequences and ‘cutting' back and forth between them in order to create a relationship between the actions. This technique can be used in Shrek when Shrek, Donkey and Fiona are running out of the castle, with the Dragon literally breathing down their particular necks. This method enhances the anxiety and is in one of the major orgasms of the motion picture.

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