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EMKO Earthmovers


Temko Earthmovers a well-known company, that purchases short-block liberalite. These castings are used to build there R-208 tractor search engines. The short-block castings will be the major component for building these motors and are in charge of thirteen percent of the price. Temko Earthmovers is currently suffering from Quality issues with their current supplier with regards to these liberalite. Approximately twelve out of 100 models are becoming repaired and 40 percent of the obstructs are getting scrapped. This really is causing Temko a lot of time and money in aiming to repair these types of defective parts, so Temko's purchasing supervisor has released a request for estimate for the short block castings. However they only had one particular supplier who had been interested installed back with an offer. The supplier installed back with the offer is definitely ACE Making Inc. EXPERT is a small start-up organization that is looking for work and is also willing to spend their time in purchasing the precision machinery which will have to be used to make this portion for Temko.

Could Temko be the best company, to get ADVISOR Manufacturing up and heading? And could this supplier be the right in shape for Temko in reducing there upcoming defective concerns as well as preserve the company money?

Advantages and Dis-Advantages in Single/Sole Sourcing


* Increased co-operation and conversation which boosts a win-win relationship among buyers and sellers (This was strongly emphasized inside the first video we watched). The fewer people involved the better, that way the bond is stronger.

5. With a long lasting contract (three to five years) will greatly reduce the uncertainty the supplier will lose business to another competitor.

2. With a long-term contract the supplier will be more willing to obtain equipment or change their operating organization to suit the needs of your company. Ex, purchasing the EDI system, precision machines used to produce custom parts.

* Present lower costs per...



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