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Why Sensorial Materials in the classroom?

Montessori used her knowledge of impression education and incorporated her research and philosophy into the development of the Sensorial supplies. She set a lot of thought into the design of her materials, and all of them talk about the same fundamental characteristics. First of all, all of the materials found in Sensual contain a control of error. They may be self repairing elements which might be inherited towards the material that happen to be mechanical or perhaps visual. Second, all the components are pleasantly beautiful. All their simplicity and completeness attract children. Third, all materials have particular language that corresponds together with the concept being shown. Fourth, the materials are self-teaching. The auto-education element of each " work" allows children to work on their own. Lastly, the materials possess a better degree of elegance. Each operate becomes progressively challenging and helps the child refine their senses in a rational sequence.

The sensorial supplies are not only for developing the senses. � The sensual activities are definitely the first step pertaining to work in the math, language and cultural areas. � At some time, a child will realize that the red equipment in the sensual area can be like the statistical rods, the first work in the math area. � Math work begins with direct matching of the red supports and the numerical rods. � The difficult and clean boards are starting practice to get the sandpaper numerals where a child familiarizes themselves with the shape of numbers. � Because of the ability to creatively discriminate, children can see the difference between one bead, eight bars, 100 squares and thousand de as well as being able to feel the difference in pounds. � Language is worked on with sensorial materials too. � Colors are learned as well as shape names. � Descriptive dialect such as " big” and " small”, " thick” and " thin” is concretely defined with knobbles cylinders. � When ready, a child learns superlatives including " heavy, thicker, and...



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