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In the book " The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls poverty goes further than just low income. Whilst Jeannette's father and mother had cash coming in, they will struggled to aid their friends and family properly. They will went famished, had simply no electricity, or perhaps indoor plumbing, so this proposes the question can easily poverty end up being caused by more low profits? Do persons actually want to reside in poverty? To get Jeannette's parents it sure seems that way.

Rex Wall surfaces had adult in a low income stricken city of Welch. He was raised in " big donned house” within the " all downhill side of the street” (Walls 130). This smelled of " mould and smoking cigarettes and unwashed laundry” (Walls 131). On the other hand Rose Mary Walls were raised in a very organised home in Texas wherever her mom made her follow rules and show up at college classes to become a tutor. So when Rose Martha grew up and moved aside she wished to live a life opposing of what her mother wanted, the girl became a free spirit. When on the other hand lower income was every Rex had ever well-known. I believe this can be a major component that written for the Walls' family getting in lower income.

Besides growing up in a poverty stricken house and community Rex also grew up with a mother who had been an Alcohol addiction. We find this out the moment Jeannette tells us about the time she first fulfilled Erma and she " pulled a bottle of whiskey from the pocket of her housedress” (walls 131). She also discusses how she could smell whiskey onto her Uncle Stanley's breath the 1st time he hugged her. This was the life Rex Walls was accustomed to and thus therefore having been comfortable with it. He saw nothing wrong with taking money via his relatives to go waste in on alcohol as they always a few how taken through on their behalf. The perfect sort of this is when Rose Mary remaining for the summer for university courses and left Jeanette in charge of the money. The first few weeks went very well and Jeanette had managed to make price range and keep meals on the table, after that Rex experienced asked her for money. First it was just five us dollars, then one more...



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