Global Culture

Tradition is defined as our overall way of life, including vocabulary, customs, values, and the make use of material items. This description includes something called " material traditions. "

As a result of instantaneous global communications, especially television, a global culture is usually developing. In the same way French was at one time the language of trade, The english language is now becoming the language in the information age. Western traditions are spreading to various other cultures around the world. This can easily be seen inside the western design clothes which can be worn nearly universally. Precisely what is less well-known and more simple is the fact that Fijian girls are now diets. (In classic Fijian traditions, it was considered fashionable for females to ponder 200 or maybe more pounds. However , since TELEVISION SET has come to the Fiji Islands, women now see that the rest of the world equates slimness with attractiveness, and they've joined the dieting phenomenon. )

For many decades, it is often accepted there is a single global economic system. That, too, is usually part of traditions. Years ago, a lot of societies experimented with centrally planned socialist systems. Although socialist systems still exist, they can be found within a free-market environment. A free of charge market strategy is, by nature, capitalistic. The enlargement of the G-7 (the countries with the largest economic systems) has recently expanded to the G-20. And, there are numerous economies that are looking for to join the group.

Insecurity about the national financial debt of Portugal caused a near anxiety last week in Wall Street if the stock market damaged by multitude of points rapidly when compared with13623 few minutes. Similar concern is out there for Italy, Spain, and in many cases the United States. We could tied with each other in a global system.

Finally, food is definitely part of a culture. Today, it is nearly impossible to go to any financially developed region and NOT find a McDonald's. 50 years ago, tiny villages in places such as the Philippines or perhaps Honduras a new goodly supply of Coca Diet coke.

Many persons fear that the growth of a worldwide culture will certainly...



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