JFK Killing Conspiracy

Dealey Plaza Coup D'état

In 1976, the property Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), based upon new data, ruled that Kennedy was " almost certainly assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. ” With that said ,, it raises a large number of questions. Who also was/were the other conspirator(s)? What was their motive? Elements of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), with the help of elements of the Mafia, every conspired and carried out the assassination of John Farrenheit. Kennedy and covered up Lee Harvey Oswald's trial testimony because they were angered over the failing of the Bay of Swines Invasion and Kennedy's intention on taking out the CIA.

After Kennedy's assassination, about the same day, Dallas newspaper reporters took a picture of three men staying escorted by police who had been found near the rail back yards at Dealey Plaza. For a long time, the identities of these three men acquired remained unidentified until 1989 when the Based in dallas Police Office released the arrest records of three destitute men, Gus Abrams, Harold Doyle, and John Gedney, who had been imprisoned been arrested on Nov 22nd, 1963. It should be noted that these men weren't confirmed to be precisely the same men in the photo. Recently, Lois Gibson, a world well known forensic artist, " absolutely identified the three men –via an extensive and professional match process…as Chauncey Holt, Charles Rogers, and Charles Harrelson” (Ventura, Russell, and David 124). After serving on planet War 2, one of the tramps, Chauncey Holt, met Peter Licavoli, a known affiliate of notorious mobster Meyer Lansky. Holt was an experienced at forging police badges, ID credit cards, and paperwork, which made him an asset to Lansky's mob. Lansky then directed Holt to do work for the International Save Committee (IRC), a CIA-controlled organization that helped pay for Cuban exclusion and other groups seeking to destruction left-wing government authorities (Simkin). Eventually, Holt afterwards became a significant player in the CIA-sponsored percussion d'état of Guatemala and the Bay of Pigs Attack. It is believed that Holt had made false Secret Service eminent for him and the additional tramps to be able to depart from Dallas Authorities custody. Another one of the tramps, Charles Rogers, was the World War II experienced. In the years before the warfare, he had recently been a longtime friend of David Ferrie, who would after become a CIA agent. Following the war, through his reference to Ferrie, he joined the CIA in 1956. Whilst in the CIA, various researchers admit his codename was " Frenchy” or perhaps " Frenchman”, which is significant because in respect to CIA agent At the. Howard Hunt's deathbed confession, which will be talked about later, there was a " Frenchman” who was at the grassy knoll and, presumably, got the fatal shot (Simkin). Following seven years of service for the CIA, Rogers, murdered his parents, mutilated them, and stuffed all their minced physiques into their refrigerator (Ventura, Russell, and Wayne 125). Dubbed the " Icebox Murderer”, he disappeared before the Harrisburg Police Section could criminal arrest him. The 3rd and final tramp was Charles Harrelson, a adolescent delinquent flipped contract fantastic. Although it has not been proven that Harrelson worked IN the CIA or Cosca, it is believed that he previously done be employed by them. Interestingly enough, more than three decades ago, after killing his previous victim, a federal judge, Harrelson confessed to killing Kennedy. Immediately after the assassination, a lot of have attempted to steal the spotlight by falsely praying to the tough. Therefore , it should be duly known that Harrelson confessed an entire sixteen years after Kennedy's murder. Based on the evidence offered, it can be theorized that Chauncey Holt, Charles Rogers, and Charles Harrelson were part and parcel of the CIA's plot to assassinate Kennedy. Rogers and Harrelson were most likely the methods at the grassy knoll, they took the shot, through using bogus law enforcement recommendations manufactured by Holt, they were capable of being discharged via Dallas Law enforcement custody.

At the. Howard Look, best known pertaining to his role in the Watergate Scandal, was also a CIA agent...

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