Position Paper on the Juvenile Justice System




Proper rights System Position

Kimberly Gaudiosi


The main topic of juvenile proper rights is a extensive one yet one that ought to concern everyone. My standpoint on this debatable topic is usually that the juvenile rights system should focus on the rehabilitation with the teens rather than making them spend on their offences with a comprehensive jail sentence as a abuse. " As time passes the US Supreme Court features placed limitations on the use of the fatality penalty. The Court has now considered regardless of whether juveniles must be sentenced to our lives without leitspruch (LWOP). They may have ruled that life devoid of parole is probably not given to a juvenile except if their crime involves homicide. With constraints already positioned on the death sentence, keeping the possibility of life without parole is important. Society needs a great " supreme punishment" for individuals who commit atrocious crimes and in addition as a deterrent. The Court's decision should certainly encourage those who run prisons to focus on rehab, as even more people will certainly eventually end up being up for losung. ” (Richards, 2011) An interesting bit of information I examine states, " Connecticut is one of simply three declares where the associated with jurisdiction for the juvenile ends at of sixteen. In Connecticut, a teen is any person under the regarding 16, or higher the age of 16 but who violated what the law states before turning 16. Circumstances involving arrests of juveniles who will be 16 and older happen to be heard in adult court docket. Legislation has recently been passed to review this juvenile grow older policy. (Haller, 2006) I feel that the community these teens comes from should not be entirely responsible to fund the washing and or repair of the destruction a certain group of teens do. Nor if the parent that is why I propose which the community assistance jobs' pay out could go towards the volume it would decide to try fix their very own mistakes. This could teach all of them a little something regarding responsibility and also take care of the problem at hand. My spouse and i am not entirely sure I agree with all the death fees in general but I agree with this declaration from Richards as I fully believe everyone deserves an additional chance. In the paragraphs to come I actually intend to cover my opinion in further fine detail as to why I believe the child justice system should choose the focus In my opinion in and how it is going to affect the police force, the court processes probation, corrections, community services as well as the intervention programs. Towards the end of my paper We also plan to discuss the opposing view and so why I feel they are really not a valid choice. That stuff seriously the child justice system should appear further in to primarily applying rehabilitation for troubled youths because everyone deserves an additional chance. They may have committed the criminal offenses that are being kept against them but they also may well have learned all their lesson as a result of reality in the situation. I would hate for any life to venture to waste coming from sitting behind bars when they might have been through the rehabilitation process and maybe some guidance and genuinely learned from other mistakes, in the event that they would end up being fully able of leading an otherwise effective life. I actually definitely feel that they have to be punished for what they did regardless if these were under the influence or perhaps claim that they didn't know very well what they were doing at the time, the victim and their families should have at least that although I think that sentencing those to extensive jail time or jail time is usually counterproductive. You want all who have been through the justice system once or twice to travel and talk about their experience in hopes that this would deter other teenagers and youngsters from assigning crimes. Although focusing on the rehabilitation facet of things, I find myself these in danger teens must be participating in community services. They could be picking up waste along the tracks, wash graffiti off the teach cars and even be low-cost labor to get the county in the form of mowing and trimming county grass or assisting road development or rubbish disposal businesses. I think my personal idea in back of this would be to prove that lifestyle...

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