Marketing Finnance Notes


Marketing is the administration process in charge of identifying, expecting and rewarding customer requirements profitably. ' The new one is: ‘The proper business function that creates value simply by stimulating, assisting and satisfying customer demand. It does this by building brands, nurturing advancement, developing interactions, creating great purchaser assistance and interacting benefits. Simply by operating customer-centrically, marketing provides positive return on investment, satisfies investors and stake-holders from business and the community, and contributes to positive behavioural change and a lasting business future............................


THE ORGANIZATION AS AN ECONOMIC UNIT: in order to survive and grow, a firm or business unit must be economically viable- it has to operate as a viable economic product. In the first instance, the firm has to acquire or make available to available on its own some assets. Only after that, through prepared, systematic, effective and effecient use of this sort of resources can your firm create some benefits. The resources and results could possibly be described as input and output respectively. The balancing of such advices and outputs should sooner or later leave a few surplus. The surplus is called income in business organizations. When profit would not accrue, the firm may not be called a great economically viable unit. Another interesting indicate note that equally resources and results are external to organization and only through management expertise can solutions be exploited to produce outcomes favourable to the business unit.

Resources will be of various types. They are chiefly:

1 . Guys

2 . Elements

3. Equipment

4. Industry and

5. Money

These resources needs efficient management. This is how distinct functions of management had been developed.

1 . Men: Employees Management

2 . Materials: Supplies Management

3. Machines: Production Management as well as Operations Managing 4. Industry: Marketing Managing

5. Funds: Financial Administration

Pivotal Role of Money as well as Pivotal Fund: Money is one of the most important resources. But the crucial role of money is apparent from the fact that, besides alone being a useful resource, money also can acquire different resources as well as measure the changes in them. It necessarily employs that the company has to acquire finance initially and then additional resources.

The well known age group " Funds is what money does” demonstrate this crucial role pounds.


Business Entity Principle: Treating every single business product as persistent entity, quite distinct from the owners.

Funds Measurement Strategy: Taking cognizance of only such orders as are open to stringent monetary way of measuring.

Accounting documents state simply those info about a business company, which can be expressed in financial terms. Put simply, business incidents and details that cannot be expressed in monetary conditions, howsoever crucial they may be, happen to be excluded.

For example , the loss of life of the controlling director who was guiding the destiny with the company since its inception, the emergence of the better merchandise at a lower price available in the market, the introduction of a new-technology and so on (though very significant from the foreseeable future perspective of business) are ignored.

The operational implication of the Cash Measurement Strategy is that financial statements tend not to provide all information about the company.

Continuity or perhaps going concern approach: The Going Matter Concept implies that the organization will carry on and operate in the foreseeable future. The operational implication of this assumption is that assets are generally not shown in Balance Sheet in their realisable market value, which will implies liquidation value.

Instead, evaluation of assets is by using reference to the cost of goods and services they are really likely to produce in future a long time....



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