Netw204 Assignment4

NETW204: Assignment some, Link-state Routing and OSPF (50 points)

Fill in the blanks beneath with possibly the term defined or the description for the terms listed. Each answer is worth 2 points every, 25 concerns X two = 55 total details. Type answers in the ideal cell; text message will instantly wrap. Post your completed assignment towards the dropbox.


| Term| Explanation

1| | Connects to multiple areas, keeps separatelink-state directories for each place it is connectedto, and paths traffic meant for or perhaps arriving fromother areas| 2| Autonomous Program Boundary Router (ASBR)|

3| Back up Designated Router (BDR)|

4| | Contains an abbreviated list of the sendingrouter's link-state database and is also used by receiving routers to check on against the local link-state database| 5| Specified Router (DR)|

6| DRothers|

7| Flapping link|

8| | Router IDENTIFICATION for a great OSPF router if zero loopbacks are configured? | 9| link-state acknowledgment (LSAck)|

10| link-state advertising (LSA)|

11| | Asks for more information about any kind of entry inside the DBD| 12| link-state upgrade (LSU)|

13| Available Shortest Way First (OSPF)|

14| | When ever this is not equal, the router with the highestnumber will be the DOCTOR regardless of router IDvalues| 15| RFC 2328|

OSPF Commands: Explain the results you would comes from entering the commands below and how the results could be used by a network engineer.

| Command| Description

16| Router(config)# router ospf 123|

17| Router(config-router)# network 172. 18. 10. zero 0. zero. 0. 255 area 0| | 18| Router(config-if)# ip ospf top priority 50|

19| Router(config-if)# bandwidth 128|

20| Router(config-if)# ip ospf cost 1564|

21| Router(config-if)# ip ospf hello-interval 20|

22| Router# present ip ospf|

23| Router# present ip ospf neighbor|

24| Router# show ip ospf neighbour detail|

25| Router# show ip ospf interface|



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