Aim: To look for the concentration of cell systems applications and products in a spud cell.

Osmosis is the movements of water through a semi-permeable membrane. That starts via a poor solution and becomes a even more stronger remedy until the concentrations on both equally sides are similar.

To investigate the product range of solutions needed to get the point at which the surrounding solution is equivalent to the cell sap inside the vacuole.

zero molar -- No sodium

0. two salt remedy

0. some salt remedy

0. 6th salt answer

0. 8 sodium solution

1 molar -- Salt solution


My spouse and i predict that 1 large molar will get less heavy and 0 molar can get heavier. I believe this mainly because Osmosis may be the movement of water by using a semi poroso membrane. 1 molar is made up of most sodium. So , this particular will travel out of the potato cells and into the surrounding solution. While 0 molar contains no salt and drinking water will move through the semi-permeable membrane in the potato skin cells making the potato heavier. In my primary experiment i actually used zero to 3 gustar, 3 large molar got less heavy and 0 molar got heavier.

This is a graph to show what i anticipate.


Boling tubes

Boling tube racks

A balance

End clock

Natural borer

Testing cylinder




Paper towels

Picture of experiment/apparatus.

Step by step approach

1 . 1st using the cork borer we need to carefully extract 6 components of potato.

installment payments on your We will dry the pieces of potato, peel skin off and cut the pieces by 50 % using a scalpel. We will likely then imitate the actual piece of spud and try to keep the other pieces the same size as the tiniest.

3. Following drying and cutting the potato to similar sizes we shall consider the bits using a balance ensuring every piece weighs about the same. All of us will take away any excess potato if they will don't.

5. We will record the amount of weight of the potato in a stand

5. We all will packaging are test tube wine racks clearly thus...



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