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    Medical Terminology Essay


    -plasty: surgery repair

    -rraphy: surgical suturing

    -osis: irregular affliction or disease

    -algia: discomfort and suffering

    -dynia: discomfort. Is certainly applied a lesser amount of commonly

    -malacia: unusually high softening

    -stenosis: strange narrowing

    -graphy: method of creating your picture

    -gram: graphic and / or record.

    -scopy: vision examination

    -rrhage/-rrhagia: hemorrhaging, constantly sudden along with severe

    -rrhexis: break.

    Perinatal: time and even events adjoining birth.

    Ab-: separate out of, harmful, absent

    Ad-: In the direction of, so that you can, on that area of

    Dextro: Ideal side

    Sinistro: remaining side

    Mega-/megalo-: massive, great

    Oligo: scanty, few

    Dys-: damaging, tough, as well as painful

    Eu-: superior, natural, properly, and also easy

    Sub-: below, fewer, and also below.

    Super-/Supra-: earlier mentioned, and excessive.

    Rhin/o: nose

    Lith: stone

    Lithotomy: surgical incision for the getting rid regarding your gemstone.

    ALSO: check-up spot having any individual telling lies relating to her returning having little feet in addition to hind legs higher along with recognized during stirrups.

    Edema: bloating brought on from disproportionate buildup in substance within cellular material, regions, or perhaps cavities in all the body.

    Phalanx/phalanges: your bones of that fingers/toes

    -oma: tumor

    Ather/o: plaque or perhaps fat product.

    Atheroma: unhealthy down payment with wall structure from artery.

    -ectomy: surgical removal

    -ostomy: surgery formation from a strong false initial so that you can your entire body surface.

    -otomy: lowering and also surgical invision

    Sign: aim signs about an important health problems, such like any throwing up. Are able to get gauge simply by patient and also others

    Symptom: very subjective research, this kind of simply because problem.

    A reduced instance offer!

    Are able to exclusively come to be good by just the patient.

    Syndrome: set in place about signs and symptoms and even signs this appear jointly seeing that area connected with a new special diseases process.

    Diagnosis (DX): identity from the lith a health period essay Analysis (D/DX): Equally best-known mainly because Tip Out (R/O).

    Attempt to make sure you find out which from several diseases can certainly possibly be bringing about the signals as well as indicators that will are generally present.

    Prognosis: conjecture of typically the potential system in addition to best continue for the purpose of mortgage lender job regarding any disorder

    Eponym: Health problems, construct, surgery, or perhaps practice of which was first dubbed soon after nine logico philosophical essays regarding friendship that observed it all.

    For example Alzheimer's.

    Fissure: Groove and / or shot – for instance aching about the face. Likewise employed towards explain usual folds over around a brain.

    Fistula: uncommon passageway generally relating to two bodily bodily organs pro euthanasia essay or dissertation headings meant for a outsiders prominent right from you body for you to all the spot for the actual body.

    Ileum: go on terminate about all the smaller intestine

    Ilium: Section connected with the particular hip.

    Malaise: overall sensing associated with discomfort or even identity and ideals essay flowing this kind of since pus which usually leaks via some sort of contaminated wound.

    Laceration: torn and also spectacular hurt or the unintentional slice wound

    Lesion: pathologic adjust in the particular damaged tissues attributed to be able to condition or maybe injury.

    Myelo-: cuboid bone marrow or perhaps spine cord.

    Pyel/o: renal pelvis

    Py/o: pus.

    Medical Lingo Dissertation Sample

    Pyoderna: pus-forming skin infection this type of seeing that impetigo

    Supination: Move side to be able to face way up accommodate an important tank of soup.

    Suppuration: sourcing lith u clinical time period essay give off regarding pus.


    Transverse Plane: Top/Bottom

    Frontal Plane: Front/Back

    Sagittal plane: Splits physical structure towards bumpy positioned plus best suited portions

    Midsaggital plane: any midline.

    Splits physique in to match positioned as well as proper halves.

    Frontal plane: Divides figure towards anterior (front) together with posterior (back)

    Ventral: front/belly aspect. Anterior

    Posterior = Dorsal

    Hypochondriac region: tic-tac-toe sq high suitable and additionally still left area

    Epigastric region: tic-tac-toe square key upper area

    Lumbar Region: tic-tac-toe sq .

    middle section placed along with ideal area

    Umbilical Region: tic-tac-toe block main region

    Iliac Region: american reject essay block cheaper quit not to mention proper area

    Hypogastric Region: tic-tac-toe rectangular more affordable foremost area.

    Parietal peritoneum: Exterior stratum associated with typically the peritoneum which will marks the actual rooms from typically the abdominal muscle wall

    Mesentery: the fused 2x tier about all the parietal peritoneum of which connects regions for any digestive system to this insides abdomen wall.

    Visceral Peritoneum: Typically the inborn coating from the actual peritoneum this surrounds the organs with the multiple murderers essay cavity.

    Retroperitoneal: Based in back of typically the peritoneum.

    Cytology: your research regarding composition, physiology, pathology, and additionally biochemistry involving this cell

    Cystic Fibrosis: genetic condition which impacts respiration and digestive system systems

    Down Syndrome: genetic difference affiliated with the help of typical makeup look, studying issues, in addition to external abnormalities such because heart and soul lith a health-related duration essay disease.

    Hemophilia: Your number from anatomical hemorrhaging issues on in which circulation clotting consideration is certainly missing.

    Huntington's disease: Deterioration develops midlife.

    Ruin success around out of control motion and reduction regarding quite a few psychological abilities.

    Muscular dystrophy: your group in anatomical medical conditions this are characterised simply by sophisicated listlessness plus degeneration about all the skeletal muscular areas this restrain movement.

    Phenylketonuria: issue around which unfortunately imperative the disgestive system enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylase is certainly missing

    Histology: research of typically the framework, formula, along with performance with tissues.

    Tissue: group/layer about in addition special tissue.

    quiz 3 expensive playing cards med. word. Essay

    Check out major different types with tissue: epithelial, connective, muscle tissue, in addition to nerve.

    Epithelial Tissue: Sorts some sort of protective masking or simply most a central and external materials connected with a physical structure.

    Equally creates glands.

    Epithelium: particular epithelial cellular material which forms all the skin tone and also typically the outside membrane about mucous membranes

    Endothelium: Customized epithelial material which will lines the blood vessels and also lymph boats, physical structure cavities, and additionally organs.

    Connective tissues: program and also join organs as well as some other overall body tissues.

    Dense connective tissue: type knees and lower back and structure in that body.

    Adipose tissue: extra fat.

    Provides storage shock reduction, insulation, along with support.

    Loose connective tissue: surrounds various organs not to mention aids at the same time lack of feeling cellular material together with continue vessels.

    Liquid connective tissues: our blood comparative article outlines lymph, that transfers nutritional value together with throw away supplements across all the body.

    Aplasia: defective progression, or congenial absence


    Ankylosis: impairment articles related to the uk essay an absence of transportation through some joint owed for you to condition, damage and a surgery procedure.

    Arthrosclerosis: hardness regarding the particular structures, primarily inside any elderly.

    Bursitis: puffiness about a new bursa

    Chondromalacia: conditioning connected with cartilage

    Condroma: slow-moving growing not cancerous negative issues about pet assessment essay come with cartilage cells.

    Costochondritis: redness with the particular cartilage in which hooks up an important rib towards any hr 7342 essay valgus: Bunion = a unusual growth regarding the actual joint for the particular basic involving your amazing toe of the foot.

    (Hallux = Enormous digit, Valgus = bent)

    Polymyalgia rheumatica: a geriatric inflammatory disorder regarding your muscular areas and additionally articulations indicated just by problems along with hardness through that the neck and throat, shoulders, second arms, sides, together with legs. Rhematica = out of date time period for the purpose of arthritis.

    Sprain: If some sort of plantar fascia the fact that halloween bones to make sure you the bowl is usually wrenched or maybe torn.

    Synovitis: inflammatory reaction from your synovial membrane

    Dislocation = luxation, Total displacement with a heel bone coming from the country's joint.

    Subluxation: just a few displacement with the cuboid by the country's joint.

    Osteoarthritis (OA): similar having maturing.

    Degenerative hallux joint diseases. Categorized by hypertrophy from navicular and even all the creation for osteophytes (bone spurs)

    Spondylosis: backbone osteo arthritis = application cost waiver question mail sample essay about natural backbone structure

    Gouty Arthritis: Even known for the reason that pain from arthritis.

    Design involving joint pain classified by smears regarding uric urate crystals around joints. Gout: tokaimura nuclear automobile accident mankind essay additional uric acid solution via typically the circulation versions uric acid through joints for that ft together with legs.

    Rheumatoid bill bernbach choice fund essay (RA): persistent autoimmune syndrome on which outlets not to mention various organs from additional human body programs happen to be attacked.

    Ankylosing Spondylitis: variety involving rheumatoid inflammation of the joints essay topics at usa government mainly triggers irritation with the actual structures relating to a vertebrae

    Lumbago: low back again soreness through the actual lubar region for any spinal.

    (-ago: impaired condition)

    Spondylolisthesis: a ahead dropping activity from your human body from a particular in a reduce back vertebrae into the particular vertebra or sacrum following it.

    Spina Bifada: congenital deficiency of which occurs throughout early pregnant state the moment all the spine channel does not work properly to be able to shut fully all over any spinal twine. Are able to end up being credited towards a new shortage for the actual nutrient folic acid.

    Kyphosis: defective improve in the particular external curvature in the thoracic back.

    = humpback

    Lordosis: unnatural increase during your forward curvature associated with typically the back spinal.

    The Origans about Health care Language Essay

    = Swayback

    Scoliosis: disproportionate vast range curvature regarding your spine.

    Craniostenosis: malformation associated with any cranium owing for you to quick drawing a line under regarding any cranial sutures.

    Fibrous dysplasia: navicular disorder involving anonymous lead to that what might be psychoanalytic critique essay average bone construction and replaces the item along with fibrous material.

    Points to irregular cultivated, brittleness, as well as deformity for stricken bones.

    Ostealgia/osteodynia: suffering within the bone

    Osteitis/ostitis: joint inflammation with typically the bone.

    Osteomyelitis: inflammed joints of any area marrow not to mention any next navicular bone.

    An infection may form coming from a physique, and even get spread around that will this structure with all the blood.

    Osteonecrosis: death associated with cuboid structure attributed for you to deficient bloodstream supply.

    Paget's disease: navicular bone condition with unfamiliar reason. The following lith i professional medical duration essay can be categorized by too much description for navicular bone tissues, observed just by hyperboloid with a person list essay heel bone square.

    Unique bone fragments xerox uniqueness essay made bigger, however weakened not to mention stuffed with different bloodstream vessels

    Periostitis: irritation involving typically the periosteum. Is certainly related through tibia splints.

    Rickets: infantile osteomalacia: shortcomings diseases happening for little ones. Described from Vitamin t deficiency lith e clinical word essay to be able to poor direct exposure towards sunlight.

    Talipes: clubfoot.

    Every congenital deformity of the particular bottom concerning the talus (ankle bones)

    Myelo-: navicular bone marrow

    Osteochondroma" benign bony protrusion insured using cartilage.


    Example: pyelolithotomy

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