Phil 3033

Kantian's moral theory

Right reason(Done from the good will)| Proper act (passes the C. I)| Status| Yes| Yes| Morally proper (AFD)

No| No| Morally wrong

No| Yes| No meaningful content (ACWD)


The great will

Kant's moral theory begins in the starting point from the good will certainly. In determining the meaning worth by using an action we should focus not on the consequences of outcomes of the action, but on the agent's is going to ( the motivation of conducting an action is really important). What is very good will?

Relating to Kant, the good will certainly is the only thing that is good in by itself. " Talents of the mind” (eg. Intelligence), " attributes of temperament” (eg. Courage), and " gifts of fortune” (eg. Power) could be used for possibly good or perhaps ill and so cannot be considered to be good in themselves (there is only the good will that is good at itself; however for Mill, it is the happiness this is the ultimate good). To act through the good can is to work from the purpose to do the right thing alone- regardless of any kind of desires, would like, expectations, or perhaps other worries. To act from the good will certainly is to act from the purpose of responsibility. Even if 1 performs what looks like an excellent act (eg. Being honest to customers), unless 1 performs that act from the motive of duty, it has no meaningful worth. It can be without moral content. Margen distinguishes among Acting in Conformity with Duty (ACWD) and Performing from Obligation (AFD). To get an action to be morally on Kant's view it must be the right act done for the right cause. How do we determine what the right serves are?

Hypothetical vs particular imperatives

Theoretical imperatives are imperatives which can be binding on us in virtue of some want or desire we have. In the event morality had been derived from these things, the ethical demands would depend upon individuals having particular desires. Specific imperatives will be binding in us no matter our would like or needs. They are joining on us absolutely- because we are realistic beings. The categorical...



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