Annotations to Morga's 1609 Philippine History

by José Rizal; translated by Austin Craig

As a child José Rizal been told by his uncle, José Alberto, about a historic history of the Philippines authored by a Spaniard named Antonio de Morga. The knowledge of this book originated from the British Governor of Hong Kong, Sir John Pistolet, who had when paid his uncle a visit. � While working in london, Rizal instantly acquainted him self with the English Museum where he found one of the few remaining clones of that function. � For his own expense, he had the work republished with reflexion that showed. � Austin tx Craig, an earlier biographer of Rizal, converted into English some of the more important of these reflexion. To the Filipinos: In Noli Me Toccare (" The Social Cancer" ) I started to design the present point out of our indigenous land. Nevertheless the effect which in turn my effort produced helped me realize that, before trying to unfold before your eyes the other images which were to follow, it was important first to publish you around the past. So only is it possible to fairly assess the present and estimate simply how much progress have been made during the three decades (of Spanish rule). Just like almost all of you, I was delivered and raised in ignorance of our country's past and so, without understanding or expert to speak of what I neither saw neither have studied, I regard it essential to quote the testimony associated with an illustrious Spaniard who at the start of the new era manipulated the destinies of the Korea and had personal knowledge of the ancient nationality in its previous days. It truly is then the shade of our ancestor's civilization that this author will call ahead of you... In the event the work acts to wake up in you a mind of our earlier, and to bare from your recollection or to rectify what has been falsified or perhaps is libel, then I will not have difficult in vain. With this preparation, minor though it can be, we can all move to the study of the future. José Rizal

The european countries, 1889

Governor Morga was not the particular first to create but likewise the first to build a Philippine background. This assertion has consider to the exact and concrete form in which our writer has treated the matter. Father Chirino's job, printed in Rome in 1604, is pretty a explain of the Quests than a good the Philippines; still it includes a great deal of important material in usages and customs. The worthy Jesuit in fact admits that he abandoned composing a personal history since Morga had already succeeded in doing so, so one particular must infer that he previously seen the effort in manuscript before going out of the Islands. unces By the Christian religion, Dr . Morga seems to mean the Roman Catholic which by fire and sword he would preserve in its purity in the Philippines. However in other countries, notably in Flanders, these types of means had been ineffective to hold the cathedral unchanged, or maintain its superiority, or even to support its topics. z Great kingdoms were indeed discovered and overcome in the remote and not known parts of the earth by Spanish ships but to the Spaniards who traveled the world in all of them we may add Portuguese, Italians, French, Greeks, and even Africans and Polynesians. The trips captained by Columbus and Magellan, one a Genoese Italian language and the other a Costa da prata, as well as the ones that came following them, even though Spanish fleets, still had been manned by many nationalities and in them had been negroes, Moluccans, and even men from the Thailand and the Marianes Islands. z . These hundreds of years ago it had been the custom made to write because intolerantly as Morga truly does, but currently it would be called a bit presumptuous. No one provides a monopoly with the true God nor is generally there any country or religion that can assert, or at any rate prove, that to it has ben provided the special right to the Creator of most things or sole familiarity with His true being. z The conversion rates by the Spaniards were not while general his or her historians state. The missionaries only prevailed in switching a part of those of the...



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