Parita Alwani

CLP 2001

Professor William Berry

03 10, 2013

There is very much effort committed to attaining the points we want, whether it is new gizmos, the latest clothing, or the supply of it all: cash. In fact , we tend to go out of the way to meet these wishes, as we imagine it will bring us happiness. We've been trained to " get rich or pass away trying”, to create a history of discomfort to attain a later lifestyle of celebrity, and to create a product called " happiness” with material means. After having obtained all the cooking pots of gold and some more than several years, 1 must settle-back with his busted leg and greyed hair and think about: perhaps cheerful would have recently been simpler. Similarly, self-actualization, though placed with the pinnacle from the need hierarchy, is actually the most basic goal anybody can achieve. I love to think that the social parental input has distorted our thinking, in that we consider visiting the end from the earth to look for happiness is a lot easier than realizing that it truly is already present within us. It is almost as if we have been socialized to produce in the turned direction. Not to say that other deficiency inspirations must not be fulfilled, but that the placement of self-actualization on the top of the hierarchy will not deem it more difficult or complex than any other needs. This kind of mindful way of thinking can be instilled from the beginning of one's lifestyle. This way, self-actualization wouldn't only be an option, as described simply by Abraham Maslow in " Self Actualization and Beyond”, but a powerful foundation. Absolutely, just getting happy is a lot easier than earning millions to acquire this similar feeling. When one can become fulfilled in a moment, the other may take up to a life-time. Yet we end up doing the latter. Could it be that the action of merely being is too easy to become true, and so we may even strive it? Becoming is indeed, simple. It is the realization that one need to simply be, that is difficult to achieve. Being can be relative to acknowledgement of every condition presented to us. In the event one welcomes, there will need...



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