Sources of Regulation

Sources of Malaysian Law

Weeks 3 & 4

• The sources of Malaysian Law mean the legal

guidelines that make the laws in Malaysia, which will

can be labeled into crafted and unsaid



• Is the central source of law, includes this: 1 . Federal government and Express Constitutions.

Government Constitution

– Is the supreme law in the land (Article 4 says that any kind of law exceeded after Merdeka Day which can be inconsistent with

the cosmetic shall, to the extent of inconsistency, be

void) due to the case, Suderinder Singh sixth is v. Government

of Federation of Malaya (1962) M. M. J 169.

– Enshrines the basic or perhaps fundamental privileges of the individual (Articles 5, being unfaithful, 10 or 13)

– Amendments demanding two-third majority (Article 159)

– Amendment requiring basic majority

– Amendment necessitating consent of Majlis Raja-Raja

State Composition

• There are also constitutions in the 13 States in the federation • Condition constitution is made up of provisions classified by the 9th schedule • The procedures include concerns concerning the Ruler, the Exec Council plus the Legislature, and so forth

• Document 71 claims that if any provision is inconsistent with these people, parliament may well remove any kind of inconsistency

• In Malaysia, laws will be legislated by parliament at the federal level and by express legislative assemblies at express level. Regulations that are passed by parliament after 1946 are called Laws, after Merdeka are called Works (Please label the procedures for the enactment associated with an act of parliament)

• Laws made by the state legislative assembly are called Enactments (laws in Sarawak are called Ordinances)

• Legislative house and the Point out Legislatures aren't supreme

• Parliament is usually competent to enact regulations on matters

enumerated in List I of the ninth schedule although states can enact laws and regulations on concerns in List II

• List III are within the concurrent proficiency of both equally


Supplementary Legislation (SL)

• Is actually a legislation of persons or bodies underneath powers

conferred on...



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