Dumb Golden-haired Stereotypes


Hypothesis: Blondes are improperly stereotyped to be dumb.

Issue 1: Wherever did dumb blondes begin?

Question two: Where light beer portrayed?

Problem 3: How exactly does this stereotypical label have an effect on natural blonde girls?

She's eye-catching. She's fun. She's flirty. She's…dumb? The idea of the stupid blonde is a common stereotype that is placed on fair-haired women, continually pervade culture through today. Its source, however , like many popular-cultural stereotypes, is clouded. Airheaded blondes are certainly not how genuine blondes act in nowadays, so why should they be portrayed as such after our monitors? Personal reasoning also has an effect on how blondin are to be perceived. The 1925 Anita Loos novel, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: the Enlightening Diary of your Professional Female (later applied as source for a film by the same name manufactured by Howard Hawks and acting Marilyn Monroe) featured the smoothness Lorelei Shelter, a beautiful yet empty-headed musician. While some look to this since the source intended for the concept, actually the concept could possibly be far old. Since the days of old Rome, ladies who took the time to lighten their head of hair have been looked at as " bimbos…without serious motives, ” relating to an article in USA Today. One particular explanation goes back to old Europe when members from the upper class very darker-haired than the peasantry. It was because the lower classes put in more time outside the house in the sun. As peasants were often considered less intelligent than the prestige, an association among fair-haired persons and deficiencies in intelligence come up. Though roots of this negative stereotype go as far back hundreds of years, probably millennia, the concept has gained momentum recently. Numerous actresses of the 20th century have played character types labelled as " foolish blondes. ” These include Marilyn Monroe, Blue jean Harlow, Suzanne Somers, and Goldie Hawn. Of course these films include only additional brought the stereotype into the limelight. The...

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