The Eureka Stockade

The Eureka stockade

Yr 9 Background – Composition


The Eureka rebellion in 1854 was obviously a huge landmark in the have difficulty for democratic rights and a more reasonable and equal society. Eureka was in several ways a conflict over what Aussie society must be. Today, Eureka is still a symbol of resistance. The Eureka rebellion happened during the precious metal rushes inside the 1850s. The gold pushes marked a turning point in Australia's background, motivating an enormous scramble of people from other countries towards the Australian goldfields. The population of Australia tripled in the first decade of the gold rushes and riches gained by gold that was mined raised living standards. These developments opened the way for more democratic and fair rights and a imperialiste self-government. Due to the fact that this event, Sydney has become a area of chance. However , the gold rushes also acquired consequences including violent political protests. The lead up:

Life on the gold domains was impossible for many diggers whose arduous, exhausting, demanding work produced very little. Not many found souple. In 1851, the New Southern Wales and Victorian government authorities passed regulations demanding that anyone looking for precious metal had to get a licence which cost 30 shillings per month. This fee needed to be paid in advance and gave a digger the right to focus on only a really small part of land. Any diggers which were not United kingdom had to pay twice as very much for a driving licence. Many diggers did not buy licences because they could not afford the straight up cost of getting a licence. The gold commissioners sent troops to capture these diggers. If diggers were caught without licences they were fined and had their very own huts and equipment demolished. Some were even provided for jail. Next angry protests in 1853, New South Wales reduced the cost to 15 shillings per month. However , Victoria only decreased the cost to 20 shillings. This was still way too high because while less area gold was found diggers incomes were becoming more compact. Mines...



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