Southern Economy Post Cuvil War

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A Wrecked The southern area of Economy     After the Municipal War, American life transformed drastically socially, politically, and economically. The South's economy took a long turn pertaining to the most severe when their particular virtually one-crop economy failed. Cotton was no longer king. At the Civil War's close, the destroyed Southern economic system helped affect the growth in the North's overall economy, and made methods for laws and Amendments to help past slaves during Reconstruction.     After the City War, the South's overall economy was hopelessly crippled. Southern banks and businesses had closed, factories were clear and useless, the railroad transportation program was busted, former silk cotton fields will no longer bore natural cotton, and the slave-labor system was no more (Kennedy, Cohan, Baily 514). In the meantime, the North was making adoptations to reduced dependence of Southern cotton. Fresh factories that produced wartime goods and laborsaving equipment helped increase it's overall economy (478). The South's destroyed economy made way for elevated manufacturing and industrialization in the North.  The pre-Civil War cotton capitalism had were now being replaced by industrial capitalism (479).     The 13th Modification declared " Neither slavery nor unconscious servitude... shall exist in the United States, or any place be subject to their jurisdiction" (U. S i9000 Const. 13th Amendment). Since slavery was outlawed, one of the primary economic concerns for Southerners during Reconstruction was locating a new labor source. Following rejecting Leader Johnson's Renovation plan, Congress passed several laws and Constitutional Amendents like the thirthenth and 14th ammendments to protect former slaves' rights.     As the Civil War came to a close, Southern life revealed extreme changes. Economically, the South experienced definetly recently been defeated. The South's destroyed economy helped grow the North's and made way for laws to protect former slaves. This kind of defeat influenced the industrialization and...

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