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Improving the opening of the

Bitesize Pouch at Roter planet (umgangssprachlich)


In 2003, Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) (at that point called Masterfoods) decided to start a new presentation for its bitesize product range. By simply bitesize is intended a product that may be eaten in one bite. Some of the products included in this category and made by Mars are M& M's, Maltesers, Minstrels, Revels and more just lately, Mars Exoplanets. The packaging change consisted in the move via a standard cushion bag (that was the key format used in this category too time) to a standing Sack.

Picture you: Pillow Tote

Picture a couple of: Pouch

The change got several aims that at the conclusion should cause increased sales for Mars:

- Move by a horizontally pack into a vertical pack to get better presence on space - Boost the sharing encounter by permitting the Pouch to stand on a table with a extensive opening in which consumer can put their very own hand in to adopt the product (or pass this around to friends)

-Have a straight and simple opening that may be reclosed with a sticker (which is attached at the back of the pack)

-Make the split strip (upper part of the Pouch) easily easily-removed so it does certainly not block the hand receiving inside the Pouch and does not alter the aesthetic with the Pouch when open.

A multi disciplinary team labored on the task and recognized the best packaging machine and the adequate the labels material to deliver the concept.

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The straight beginning was given by a micro perforated line put on both sides with the Pouch subsequent to the easy opening line printed around the design.

The brand new packaging was launched and the predicted result occurred quickly: increased sales and profitable in the market.

This concept changed the way in which people were taking a look at the Bitesize segment and many of our competitors started to provide the market their own version of the Pouch and even copied our product by buying the same the labels machine. The full market was affected which change developed shift from standard pillow case bags or perhaps poor standing up bags to more premium packs.

The condition

As it is often the case with fresh concepts, a lot of work had still to become done to maneuver the concept along the S-Curve:

Photo 3: S-Curve (Oxford Creativity Copyright)

The pack that sought out on the market was still in its infancy level and has not been perfect. There were one major consumer feature that was not successfully come to, mainly the straightness with the opening. We had some function to do to move the packaging along the S-Curve and bring it to its maturity stage.

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a couple of

The problem we had was that if the consumer was tearing the pack open, the opening lines that were created inside the material were not constantly following the perforations. The split lines had been going into unpredictable directions setting up a big gap between the the front and the backside wall in the Pouch. Because of this, it was almost impossible to remove the tear deprive. In seite an seite, the visual of the Pouch itself (after opening) was awful.

Uneven tear - (front

& back cry at

different height)

Picture 4: Opening problem

Picture 5: Wrinkled Tear

Incredibly tough to rip

through seal at end of


Picture 6: Tear Strip

In picture 5 overhead can see a great illustration in the issue. In cases like this, the back tear followed the perforation line, but the front side tear went astray and moved down towards the decrease side from the Pouch. As the result, it can be nearly impossible to remove the split strip (it is attached on the side by simply at least a two centimeter seal) and the artistic is not really nice by any means.

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This challenge was enhanced when the Sack had a Euroslot on the top:

Picture 7: Pouch with Euroslot

At that time we all developed a method to check the opening performance as well as the results were faraway from satisfactory:

-Straight opening: five per cent (Euroslot: 0%)

-Torn Remove removed easily: 0% (Euroslot: 0%)

-Average distance among front and back collection: 15 millimeter (Euroslot:...



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