Device 4222-237 Dementia awareness

Unit 4222-237 Dementia consciousness (DEM 201)

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Dementia is a lack of brain function. If affects memory, considering, language, judgement and actions. Dementia can be progressive, and so the symptoms can gradually worsen. In a after stage of dementia people will find it tough to carry out daily tasks and will come dependant on other people.

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The main element functions from the brain that may be affected by dementia are: ·The Frontal lobe; which is to carry out with behavior, the person's persona, interpretation and feelings. ·The Parietal lobe; which is to carry out with language, special consciousness and recognition. ·The Eventual lobe; to do with memory, conversation and ability to hear. ·The Occipital lobe; which is do while using person's perspective. ·The Cerebellum; which is to perform with balance, posture and movement.

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Major depression, delirium and age related storage impairment can be mistaken pertaining to dementia because they talk about the same symptoms. For example; a great elderly female who has a memory impairment may sometimes forget where she did not remember things. The lady forgets brands and sometimes calls her grandson by her son's name. She may not be able to tell you something when ever ‘it's around the tip of her tongue'. Some of these issues could be indications of dementia nevertheless they could just be a memory impairment.

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The medial type of dementia feels that it is more important to treat the condition rather than the person. It is targeted on the impairment as the challenge and seeks to create addiction.

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The social model of dementia focus' on the individual. And try's to guarantee the person's capacities are maintained. By understanding each person, the care and support can be designed correctly for the individual's demands.

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Dementia ought to be classed being a disability because as the illness progresses, a lot more support the consumer needs. They could be unaware of the medication they have to take, make certain that they are eating/drinking. Maintaining personal hygiene. Each individual with dementia...



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