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Vidyapati (1352 – 1448), also known by sobriquet Maithil Kavi Kokil (the poet person cuckoo of Maithili) was obviously a Maithili poet person and a Sanskrit writer. He was born in the town Bisfi in Madhubani area of Mithila Region of India. He was son of Ganapati. The name Vidyapati is derived from two Sanskrit phrases, Vidya (knowledge) and Pati (master), connoting thereby, a man of knowledge.

Vidyapati's poetry was widely important in generations to arrive, in the Hindustani as well as Bengali and other Eastern literary practices. Indeed, the language at the time of Vidyapati, the prakrit-derived late abahatta, had simply began to transition into early on versions with the Eastern dialects, Maithili, French, Oriya, etc . Thus, Vidyapati's influence in making these kinds of languages continues to be described as " analogous to that of Dante in Italy and Chaucer in England. " Poetry

Vidyapati is as very much known for his love-lyrics regarding his poems dedicated to Shiva. His dialect is best to Maithili, the language voiced around Mithila (a location in the north Bihar and region adjacent Janakpur in Nepal), strongly related to the abahattha form of early Bengali.

The love songs of Vidyapati, which describe the sensuous love account of Radha and Krishna, follow a long line of Vaishnav love poetry, popular in Eastern India, and include very much celebrated beautifully constructed wording such as Jayadeva's Gita Govinda of the twelfth century. This kind of tradition which usually uses the chinese language of physical love to describe spiritual love, was a representation of a essential turn in Hinduism, initiated by simply Ramanuja in the 11th hundred years which advocated an individual self-realization through direct love. Similar to the reformation in Christianity, this kind of movement strengthened the common gentleman to realize God directly, with no intervention of learned priests. Part of the change was also a shift to local languages as opposed to the formal Sanskrit of the religious text messages. The tracks he had written as praying to Head of the family Shiva are still sung in Mithila...



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